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Meet Lori Wilson!

Lori Wilson is resourceful and resilient. These traits helped her move from surviving to thriving. They’ve made her an effective leader for others as a mom, finance executive, mayor, and state legislator. They’ve also helped Lori earn another title: Cancer Survivor.

Assemblymember Wilson’s track record in the California State Assembly includes delivering policies that create good jobs, keep the community safe and improve the quality of life for her constituents and the people of California. Lori is focused on bringing state services directly to individuals, local businesses, veterans, non-profits, and local governments who need help interacting with government agencies. She wants to build a California for everyone and ensure that folks feel like their government is working for them!
She also hopes to be an inspiration to other cancer survivors, showing them that they can be engaged, productive people even through the challenge of a cancer diagnosis. 
Lori was diagnosed with cancer in early 2023 and went through several treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, while continuing to actively represent her constituents. She missed a small number of days while the Legislature was in session, even as she went through treatment.

After being elected to the California State Assembly in April of 2022, Assemblywoman Wilson hit the ground running. During this first year and a half, Assemblywoman Wilson has already sent 11 bills to the Governor's Desk and delivered millions of dollars in state funding directly to the 11th District. From housing to electric vehicle infrastructure to flood resiliency to transportation & public safety improvements, these funds will improve the quality of life in Contra Costa, Sacramento and Solano Counties.

In addition to being an effective and results oriented legislator, Assemblywoman Wilson's tenure in the Assembly has also resulted in two historic moments.  Assemblywoman Wilson is the first legislator in the history of California to openly discuss being the parent of a transgender child. In today's heated political climate, it is crucial that this community has representation in Sacramento and Assemblywoman Wilson has demonstrated her commitment to defending vulnerable and underserved communities.

Assemblywoman Wilson is also the first legislator in the history of California to be elected Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus as a freshman. The California Legislative Black Caucus was formed in 1967 when African American members of the California Legislature joined together to address the legislative concerns of African Americans and other citizens of color. Under her leadership, the Caucus has had numerous legislative and budget wins while also providing scholarships and leadership opportunities to youth hailing from all parts of California.

Lori is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accountancy. Her diverse career history, including more than 20 years in Accounting & Finance, has afforded Lori tremendous opportunities to hone her skills in government and nonprofit management, strategic development and budget administration. She has a proven track record in identifying needs and developing innovative solutions.
Throughout her career as a public servant, Lori has been committed to supporting women in leadership positions. She is a founding member of WIP Solano, a non-partisan organization formed to inspire more women to become visionary leaders in Solano County. She’s also responsible for creating the Solano Women Leaders Luncheon where women leaders network and find ways to support one another.
A native Californian raised on the west side of Fresno, Lori is married to her high school sweetheart Chavares Wilson, a retired Air Force Reserve Technical Sergeant. They have been blessed with two sons, Tyler and Kiren, and a daughter-in-law, Brittney. Recently they welcomed the newest addition to the family, their grandson Weston. They have enjoyed living in Suisun City since 2004 after being stationed at Travis AFB for 5 years.

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